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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 17:13

The Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy: Breaking the cycle of poverty in fishing communities Featured

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Social protection exists when governments develop policies and programmes to address economic, environmental and social vulnerabilities to food insecurity and poverty. The Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy (CCCFP) is one such policy which Caribbean Countries believe can help to enhance the income, status and capacities of fisherfolk; thus, enabling them to sustainably provide for themselves and their family members.

By stimulating improved fisheries management and production, the CCCFP can contribute to social protection in fishing communities, which provides greater income stability and ability to manage risk, thus contributing to reducing poverty and food insecurity in the longer-term.

Fisherman’s Day 2015 is an occasion to focus the region’s attention on the crucial role that can be played by the CCCFP in eradicating hunger and poverty.

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