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Monday, 18 March 2013 22:18


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Quick Facts:

  • % Contribution to GDP: 0.3% (2002) $0.29 million
  • Fishing Area: EfZ (21100 km2); Shelf (146 km2).
  • Fishermen: 60
  • Landing sites: 2 (1 major, 1 minor)
  • Fish Imports: EC$ 115,844.00
  • Fish Exports: 0
  • Fish vendors: 0
  • Fish processors: 0
  • Importers: 3
  • Exporters: 0


  1. Volcanic activity destroyed the fisheries facilities both at Plymouth and at Isles Bay. The relocation of fishermen to the North of the island has resulted in the majority of fishermen now being located at Carr's Bay with a small number operating from Bunkum Bay. There are currently approximately sixty (60) full time fishermen, operating 33 boats in Montserrat.
  2. The facilities available to fishermen at these locations are extremely basic and, particularly at Carrs Bay, are unsuitable for the increased number of fishermen operating from this site. Fishermen often fish for periods of up to twenty (20) hours at one time and fishing is concentrated between 0 and 2 nautical miles off shore mainly on the eastern and western sides of the island. The species groups traditionally exploited are the Shallow Shelf and Reef Fish and the Coastal Pelagics. Both species are moderately too heavily exploited and are unlikely to support increased exploitation. The Deep Slope and Bank Fish are under-exploited and the status of the Large Pelagics is mostly unknown but thought to be adequate to support further exploitation.

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